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Hello and Welcome to our site. Please look over our entire web site we are very proud of our Dogos accomplishments and update our pages often.

our pride and joy 'Diego' the patriach (Sire to both Sirius and Vinny)

Dogo Argentinos require a lot of attention, training and exercise and this is why we only have 4 that live here with us.  The rest of the Dogos you see here on our site are either Dogos bred by us or Dogos we may co-own with another family.  We have had great success with Diego and our star Lucero they have both earned 10 Championship titles. Their daughter PHOENIX has followed in their paw prints and has already earned 9 Championship titles. Their Multi Champion son SIRIUS is currently the #1 Dogo for 2012. We will continue to show our Dogos since this is our passion please visit our show results page for updates.

Lovely dams relaxing in the morning sun

The Dogo Argentino is the Ultimate Large Game Hunting Breed and should be respected as such.  We're not into showing our dogs for titles and fancy ribbons We're out there in the show ring to prove our dogs have the form of the FCI Standard.  We have carefully chosen our Dogos and have waited years to aquire a few of them. Breeding and showing Dogos is a passion and not something we treat lightly.  Our Dogo Argentino Stud dog Diego has proven himself in the show ring even at the FCI level and his health tests have all come back to our expectations. He has also passed his CGC and ATTS temperment tests. His Bloodlines are El Tumi and Medanos.  We're not looking to change the breed in any way but to preserve it as it is.  Please feel free to e mail or call us we're always willing to talk DOGO.

Also Congratulations to our Daughter for earning a UKC GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP on her Dogo Phoenix and also for going BEST JUNIOR many times and earning the # 1 UKC Novice Junior spot for 2009. She moved into Open Juniors at the age of 10. She started and finished all UKC titles on Phoenix. Phoenix was the #1 Dogo with UKC as well as ARBA for 2009. She has also earned BOB, Group placemnts including a Group 1 and a Reserve Best In Show in the ARBA forum with Phoenix in 2009.

In 2010 our Daughter started her two young prospects Sirus and Cassiopiea both younger full siblings to Phoenix and had great results both are now Multi Champions. Cassi won her first Adult Best In Show at 6 months, earned second place in the tournament of Champions and was featured in the 2010 ARBA top ten Dogos. Sirius has won 14 Adult Best In Shows and 5 Reserve Best In Shows and claimed 2 Best In Classics. He was featured in both the ARBA and UKC top ten Dogos for 2010 and has earned 8 Championships thus far. 2011 looks bright for her Champions so far Sirius the 2011 #1 Dogo and #1 Dog in ARBA and she finished the year as the #1 Junior handler in UKC for 2011. Sirius is now being shown in the AKC forum with great success Sirius is not only a Champion in the ring but also in health he is BAER tested FULL hearing and has OFA hips, elbows and patellas.

Diego pictured here at 10.5 years